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Blockchain & Film

The digital age has provided new opportunities for the everyday investor to participate in exciting investment products previously closed off to the public. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will give adventuring investors unprecedented access to the inner-workings of film finance and investment. Here at CineBlock we are securitizing content for the 21st century.

How It Works


Why Use Cineblock?

Complete financial transparency: know and track every dollar in the project through our open accounting system.

Compliance, security, and automation: this is a secure, auditable ledger, in which all transactions flow seamlessly through our automated payment system.

Invest in movies and films

Choose to receive automatic payments directly to your bank account.

Through smart contracts, the majority of legal and accounting is automated, saving time and money.

Each film token offering is guaranteed to comply with all state and federal guidelines for listing on the CineBlock platform.

1st layer asset ownership, you are a part owner, legally and officially. You can even sell your ownership stake.

Secured records on the blockchain. The project ledger is immutable and cannot be changed or adjusted by anyone.


This explainer video shows the features and value of the Cineblock platform


Finance Your Project

We can assist you in your fundraising efforts and provide the structure and system that you need to manage and operate your film project. Sign up to be our next tokenized film release here!

Filmmakers behind a camera

Malibu Road: Token Release

Become an Owner

Own a piece of Malibu Road, and receive royalties and returns to your bank account based on the film’s performance, licensing, and distribution.

Malibu Road Movie still

Malibu Road


Malibu Road is our celebratory launch token offering. Premiering in Hollywood shortly before the covid-19 pandemic, the unapologetic, ground-breaking film was shelved for theatrical release. With theaters re-opening, we are primed to release and tokenize this film on the CineBlock platform.

Discover exclusive ways that you can participate in this once-in-a-lifetime offering through our platform email updates.


Malibu Road Movie still
Malibu Road Movie still
Malibu Road Movie still


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